HIMO C26 250W 48V10Ah Electric Bike City

Color: Gray


Brand: HIMO
Type: Classical Electric Bicycle
Color: White/ Grey

Vehicle Performance
Dimensions: 1740×660×1050mm
Operating Temperature: -10~40°C
Storage Temperature: -20~50°C
Net Weight: 25 KG
IP Rating: IPX5
Max Speed: 25km
Transmission: Shimano 7 Levels
Electric range: about 60km
Assisting range: about 100km
Shock-absorption: Saddle & Tyres
Brake Front: Mechanical disc brake
Rear: Mechanical disc brake
Charging time: 3-5 hours
Payload: ≤100kg

Head of Bicycle
Material: Aluminum alloy
Handgrip Material: TPR
Small bell: Yes
Brake handle: eft/Right
Transmission indicator: Right 7 Levels

Front Wheel
Drivenmethod /
Material: High carbon steel ring
Size: 26 inch
Tire: Rubber pneumatic tire
Brake: Mechanical disc brake

Rear Wheel
Drivenmethod: Motor drive wheel
Material: High carbon steel ring
Size: 26 inch
Tire: Rubber pneumatic tire
Brake: Mechanical disc brake
Transmission system: Shimano 7 Levels

Main Frame
Material: Aluminum alloy
Type: Fixed triangular girder
Parking: Parking stand
Battery location: Built-in front girder
Reflect Sticker: Side reflection embedded on front and rear wheels
Max Steering Angle: 60°(each side)
Rear Tale Light: Under the saddle
Hidden air pump: Yes
Foot Pad Material: Nylon
Foot Pad Type: Foldable

Material: lithium battery
Type of batteries: Removable portable charging
Rated Voltage: 48V
Charge cut-off voltage: 54V
Rated Capacity:48V10Ah
Charging Temperature: 0~40°C
Battery Management System "Over-heating, Short circuit,
Over-current, Over-charge protection"

Input Voltage: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: 54V DC
Output Current: 2A
Output Power: 108W

Motor Type: Hall Brushless DC Motor
Rated Voltage: 48V
Rated Power: 250W
Rated speed 200 r/min

System control
Turn On/Off, Riding Modes Switch, Front Light Switch: Visible button on the speed control handle
Display Type: HD LCD Display
Display Contents: Speed, power, gear S display 3 gears in color
Electronic booster starting point: Motor only engages after reaching a speed of 3km/h
Under-voltage protection: 41±1V
Overcurrent protection: 15±1A

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