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Product Title: Wall Sticker

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This multi-purpose wall sticker is the perfect addition to any home decor. Made from high-quality acrylic material, it is durable and long-lasting. The main component of the fabric is plastic, with a paper sub-component. The design features a beautiful floral pattern in black, green, and red, adding a touch of elegance to any room. This three-dimensional wall sticker is perfect for beautifying and decorating your living room.

Product Category: Mural

Pattern: Flower/Grass/Leaf

Applicable Space: Living Room

Color Classification: Black, Light Green, Dark Blue, Green, Red

Wall Sticker Style: Three-Dimensional

Wall Sticker Type: Graffiti


  • Small Left 140*100CM (3 inch photo frame)
  • Center Left 210*150CM (6 inch photo frame)
  • Large Left 230*164.3CM (6 inch photo frame)
  • Extra Large Left 280*200CM (7 inch photo frame)
  • Extra Large Left 330*235CM (8 inch photo frame)
  • Small Right 140*100CM (3 inch photo frame)
  • Center Right 210*150CM (6 inch photo frame)
  • Large Right 230*164.3CM (6 inch photo frame)
  • Extra Large Right 280*200CM (7 inch photo frame)
  • Super Large Right 330*235CM (8 inch photo frame)

The color of the order note is automatically black + green.

Main Sales Size Information:

  • Model Size Applicable Wall Photo Frame Small 1400x1000mm (AxB) - About 1.8 meters wide, 3 inches x 12
  • Medium 2100x1500mm (AxB) - 2.6 meters wide, 6 inches x 12
  • Large 2300x1643mm (

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